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Tanzania Ports Authority bans poor quality vehicles from Dar Port

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) has banned from its Dar es Salaam Port all vehicles that generally fall short of the roadworthy conditions. According to notices published and posted by the Authority, the decision was reached with the view of improving the general performance of the port.

Dar es Salaam Port manager Apolonia Mosha said old and low quality vehicles have been the cause of much nuisance to port users and workers because they have been the cause of accidents and frequent breakdowns thus blocking key access roads at the facility.

“We have observed that most of the accidents are caused by old trucks and tractors towing trailers. These normally have such shortfalls as brake failures, engine inefficiency, brake systems not working properly, lack of indicator lights, have unsecured clutch system, and poor (torn and old) tyres. Sometimes it is because of the incompetence and negligence of drivers,” said the port manager in a statement issued to the press yesterday.

According to Ms Mosha, low quality vehicles will not be allowed to enter the port effective from February 18, this year. To ensure full implementation of this exercise, the port management has started a campaign which will see all vehicles operating at the port inspected.

Ms Mosha said this will help to identify low quality vehicles which have been causing frequent accidents at the port.
At the same time, according to the statement, appropriate measures would be taken against negligent and incompetent drivers, including being banned to driver into the port area.

“You are notified further that only accredited and licensed drivers will be permitted to drive into port premises, and shall always wear appropriate personal protective gear and shall observe a speed limit of 20km/h,” said the statement.

Dar es Salaam Port is the main point of entry for Tanzania and several of its neighbours including Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi and Uganda.

There have been complaints in relation to the port’s efficiency in cargo handling. In efforts to rectify the situation, the government through the Transport ministry has instituted a number of changes including change of management of Tanzania’s main port.

Source: The Citizen

Source: The Citizen